The Biden administration’s battle against Republican and Democrat objections on the illegal immigration policy

Covid-19 has certainly had a rippling effect throughout the world. From the uncountable number of infections to the exorbitant amounts of money spent on vaccination and treatments of patients and the politicization of masks and the skepticism toward the vaccines’ effectiveness, the Biden administration has a great burden to carry in the coming months and years to deal with the fallout of the consequences of the pandemic.

One of the effects of the pandemic has been a surge of illegal immigration into the country from people seeking medical treatment and/or vaccination from Covid-19, and a proposed policy change made as a political promise by the Biden administration that would see the relaxation of punishments against illegal immigrants and the increase of admittance for asylum seekers or people who otherwise would seek shelter in this country for economic or social reasons.

This has not come without detractors, however, as even within president Biden’s own party, the Democrats, there is an on-going debate that sees the party divided on the issue, demonstrating that it is a polarizing and difficult subject to discuss. Previous Democrat presidents like Bill Clinton and Barack Obama have had and still hold strong stances against illegal immigration, claiming that having leniency on it would weaken the country and would directly contribute to the increase of illegal immigration due to projecting a stance of relaxation, instead of strength and no-tolerance against the practice.

Even still, the Biden administration has pushed to pass into law a bill that would increase the possibilities of all illegal immigrants who’ve not committed any serious crimes, regardless of age and/or legal status, to gain access to the country. But Republicans have continued to block the passing of this bill, claiming that the security of the country would be at risk and that it cannot house all the immigrants that would seek to come to the United States.

Regardless of these actions and the uncertainty of the passing of this bill, there has been an unprecedented soar in the number of illegal immigrants arriving in the U.S., increasing the workload of already thin-spread border patrol and the pressure on border states and communities who have had to bear the brunt of this incoming wave of illegal immigration. Many claims that immigrants will bring violence and crime, while others claim that illegal immigrants just wish to have a better life but, regardless of purpose, there are just too many of them coming in to be properly dealt with, and that is something the current administration has to solve.

There have been attempts by the administration to curb the previous policy of zero-tolerance effects, but they have been mostly futile as legal countermeasures have been put in place to prevent this sort of tampering with the policy, which is why the administration is seeking so vehemently to have the law reformed and approved by congress.

The problem does not end there, though. Politically, after the end of the Trump administration, much of the blame that had been put on it with regards to the treatment and deportation of so many illegal immigrants was shifted to the current administration which has also maintained this previous policy even almost two months into taking power. So it is without a doubt that there is a split in the Democrat’s ability to come to a consensus with regards to this problem.

Many are calling for a complete reform in the way immigrants, legal or otherwise, are seen in the eyes of the law in the U.S., as many see the current policy as inhumane or unnecessarily cruel, while others seek to strengthen it, claiming that it’s not enough yet and that illegal immigration should be eliminated completely by any means necessary. And even though the current political climate is one of tension and instability, one thing is clear: things cannot stay the way they are now. With the cracks beginning to show in the system, action needs to be taken in order to ensure that there will not be the cruel treatment of persons seeking shelter — in an economic, humanitarian, or familial sense — and that, if a consensus is reached within the party, that they stick to it and bring to fruition the promises made that got them to the helm of the government in the first place.

In the coming months, we will see how the situation develops, as a historical and unprecedented migrant wave is projected to hit the U.S. in its border states. State and community leaders are bracing for what could be the biggest influx of illegal immigrants in history and, for better or worse, they are preparing for all they can hold, some hope it will be enough but some skeptics claim it will quickly overwhelm the states and that the best solution is a complete zero-tolerance stance.



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